Goodbye Internet Explorer

On August 17 2021, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) will no longer be supported by Microsoft’s 365 applications and services.


New year, new projects (reference to IVDP's RDD+)

PontoPR was awarded, through an International Public Tender, a set of developments/services under the RDD+ project of the Douro and Port Wine Institute.


Disinfect your hands... and don't forget your mobile phone

Today, the mobile phone is the common element between a contaminated environment and “our safe haven", so we must not forget to disinfect it. 


We are fully operational

The safety and individual comfort of everyone who comes into contact with us is a principle that we do not take lightly. 


E-commerce, do not forget the legislation

 An e-commerce website, in light of the current legislation, must comply with a set of rules and obligations, some of them extensions of what is already happening in traditional commerce.