The building of a new website, regularly updated, with a modern design and adjusted to a series of indicators, perfectly prepared for mobile platforms and with high-quality, informative, and commercial content is the first step for any entity wishing to become visible in the digital world.



At PontoPR, we greatly value the effectiveness of collaborative work. It's a matter of character, but it's also genetics boosted by our quality certification. As we know that companies need to always be more organized, more productive, more competitive, and more profitable, we have solutions to support the implementation of these platforms in your company. We develop tailor-made applications, just like a laser-cut, tailor-made suit, or we develop and customize processes on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.





Knowledge is the cornerstone of skill. From your staff’s continuous training to your sales model supported by training content, PontoPR is motivated to help you. We support the implementation and customization of open source e-learning solutions and develop application models perfectly suited to your business, your target audience, and the type of content to offer.




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