Expanding the market, reaching a wider audience, communicating your brand and products in a universe of virtually infinite sales potential. These are the initial goals of an e-commerce solution. Working on massification strategies and market share expansion dedicated to the final customer (B2C), building loyalty and attracting new business partners on an e-commerce platform (B2B), or developing a new website with an end-to-end and autonomous sales engine (C2C). These are the challenges we regularly embrace and to which we have dedicated years of experience. CMS PR Admin, robust and developed by PontoPR, gives a unique level of customization, making it possible to adapt the platform to the business model. We also have proven experience in open source platform implementations for more transversal needs.



1) Product catalogue with multilevel categories
2) Electronic payments (PayPal, visa, credit cards, MB)
3) Control of promotions, sales, discounts
4) Customer loyalty card with points management
5) Voucher and promotional code management
6) Multi-language, multi-country, and multi-currency
7) Order tracking with follow-up
8) Integration with external applications (invoicing, ERP, CRM, Shopping Guides, etc)
9) Social Share and SEO and SMO optimization
10) Warnings and alerts
11) Customer area with access to orders, current account, and exclusive promotions
12) 100% optimized for mobile platforms





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